Recovery is our focus for treatment of substance abuse. There are a number of options for treating substance abuse, such as medications, behavioral modification, individual and group therapies, skills training, treatment for co-existing mental health problems, and relapse prevention strategies. We practice dual-diagnosis and co-existing disorders; meaning that substance abuse is not merely a physical addiction.   

Florida Treatment for Change provides individualized therapy based on a clinical Assessment which provides our clinicians a diagnosis to build a unique and customized treatment. 

Mental Health Assessment

Mental health assessment is a vital early step in addressing one’s mental health and wellbeing; it is a usually completed early in the therapeutic process. Mental health assessments help clinicians identify symptoms and problems, diagnosis and crafting a mental health treatment plan. 

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Substance Abuse Assessment

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) states “those at risk of developing a serious problem with drinking or drugs, the identification of early warning signs can be enough to change negative drinking or drug use habits” Substance abuse assessments may provide the visual evidence necessary to change a person’s decision about treatment. An assessment may include questions about thoughts, feelings and behaviors.