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Florida Treatment for Change is located at 2180 Maravilla Lane in Ft. Myers, FL; founded by Kari-Anne Spiller who is a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA). The location provides licensed Mental Health Clinicians and Certified Behavior Health Technicians on staff. 

We pride ourselves on individualized care for our clients by offering a holistic approach; that is recovery focused, coupled with compassion and care for each and every client. 

Intensive Out Patient and Out Patient care is also offered on-site for both substance abuse and mental health treatment in individual or group program. 

Florida Treatment for Change provides on-site drug and alcohol screening; including court ordered laboratory screening. 



The mission of Florida Treatment for Change is to empower, enrich and invest in the lives of individuals and families impacted by addiction. We will accomplish this by addressing and identifying the underlying symptoms of dual-diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. 


Kari-Anne Spiller, Program Director Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA)


Kari-Anne continued her education at Barry University, Edison State College, Florida Gulf Coast University and Southwest Florida College. She has an absolute passion for helping recovering addicts and dedicates her life to giving back in her community. In 2013 she founded The Surrender House; a safe and certified recovery residence. Then in 2018 Kari-Anne opened Florida Treatment for Change after seeing a need for recovering addicts to continue their new lives; focusing on recovery fundamentals and life skills so that their clients can achieve a healthy productive post-addiction life. She remains an activist for recovery while sitting on the boards of the Coalition for Drug-Free SWFL and Public Safety Coordinating Council; as well speaking at recovery focused United Way events

Eileen Kappenman, Operations Manager Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT)

Dual-diagnosis, drug screening, substance abuse, recovery, addiction, mental health, treatment

Eileen is a caring and compassionate person who began her career in caring as a CNA in Illinois, a consummate caregiver when the opportunity to work with Kari-Anne and open Florida Treatment for Change she jumped at the chance. As a CBHT she is trained to perform client intakes, drug and alcohol screens and lead substance counseling groups. Eileen uses her experience and desire to see people recover to impact the Lee County community caring the Florida Treatment for Change message to places like detox centers, Emergency rooms, radio programs, and other facilities. Eileen eats, breaths and lives recovery!

Ellen O’Malley, Clinical Director Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Dual-diagnosis, drug screening, substance abuse, recovery, addiction, mental health, treatment

Much like Kari-Anne and Eileen; Ellen found herself as a mental health professional looking at the state of care for recovering addicts as they leave detox and begin on the road to recovery seeing a need for greater aftercare. With more than 20 years as a licensed mental health professional; having spent time in both the public and private sectors along with degrees and certifications she knew Florida Treatment for Change was a place she could impact lives for the better. Ellen has more than a decade of experience as an assessor as well as leading individual and group therapy sessions with young adults and adults. Her approach is one of change, to provide clients with the non-judgmental support, comprehensive education and caring professional therapy empower clients to change their lives and live productive fulfilling lives.  

Lauryn Weightman, Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC)

Dual-diagnosis, drug screening, substance abuse, recovery, addiction, mental health, treatment

A native Floridian Lauryn is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton as well as Barry University in Miami; in 2019 she obtained her license as a mental health clinician. Prior to joining Florida Treatment for Change Lauryn worked at Park Royal Behavior Health Service working in both the admission and group therapy; admittedly she took greater joy and professional pride in leading mental health and substance treatment groups. Her desire to make a difference while helping recovering addicts is what brought her to Florida Treatment for Change. As they offered what is sorely lacking in the community, a bridge from detox to recovery residence living especially a place that is filled with professionals that truly care. Lauryn is a student of the dual-diagnosis doctrine and looks forward to leading more immersive and experiential group therapy sessions in the future.